So someone send me this text. Telling me that he likes me. But. Its kinda funny. Since he's younger than me. So i blog about you not to brag. But i adore your courage and enthusiasm that was so brave boy. Haha. But you still a boy. 
For me, im still not ready for this kind of relationship. If you brave enough. Go and tell about this to my parents. And for some reason. Im quite fussy about my life partner.  some might think that i am a queen control. But for me. I deserve to choose a good life partner since its gonna be forever and gonna lead me to jannah. insyaALLAH
Tell me if you want to be in relationship just because you wanna try, fun or because all your bestie got boyf. Stupid minded. Not for me okay!!
If i'm into someone. I'm pretty sure i, myself will proposed him. I do have someone that i really admirer. But he's married. Damn!!  Omg. Haha but its okay. 
1. I like normal size guy. 
2. Very neat. Casual look and please guys! i hate man wear slippers. 
3. Always Trust in me, tak kongkong (otp every night, want to meet almost everyday, texting me almost every second) so annoying. 
4. Not smoking
5. Obey to his parents and Allah Swt. Amin
6. Got car ( not materialistic, but who wants a man with a bike? When u pregnant?) 
7. Not stingy
8. Always there when i am down or depressed 
9. ......
10. Accept me as the way i am. 
Have to admitted. I'm different with the other girls out there. I'm rough. I love to do almost everything by myself. I don't know how to be sweet talker. I play video games. I love big bike. I'm rockstar look (depends) i love outdoor activity. See told ya. I'm rare and limited edition. Haha.
But the most important thing why i'm still single. Mainly because. 
I am overly attached to my ex boy. So really hard to move on. So far no one can replace him. He is so perfect for me.  Man this is sad. That's all tq. Muax.